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Answer the Following Question. Explain Any Two Ways by Which Apomictic Seed Can Develop. - Biology


Answer in Brief

Answer the following question.
Explain any two ways by which apomictic seed can develop.


The two ways in which apomictic seeds can develop are:- 

  1. Recurrent Apomixis: An embryo sac develops from the megaspore mother cell with disturbed meiosis due to which the egg-cell is diploid. The embryo subsequently develops directly from the diploid egg-cell without fertilization.  
  2. Adventive Polyembryony: Embryos arise from a cell or a group of cells either in the nucellus or in the integuments, e.g. in oranges and roses. Since it takes place outside the embryo sac, it is not grouped with recurrent apomixis. The embryo within the embryo sac may also develop simultaneously, thus giving rise to polyembryony condition, as in Citrus, Opuntia.
Concept: Post-fertilisation : Structures and Events - Seed
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