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Answer the Following Question. Draw the Circuit Diagram of a Full-wave Rectifier and Explain Its Working. Also, Give the Input and Output Waveforms. - Physics

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Answer in Brief

Answer the following question.
Draw the circuit diagram of a full-wave rectifier and explain its working. Also, give the input and output waveforms.

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Full-wave rectifier
Two diodes are used to give rectified O/P corresponding to both positive as well as negative half cycles.

When the voltage at A with respect to the center tap is positive, and the voltage at B is negative. Then, D1 is forward biased and D2 is reversed biased. Hence, D1 conducts and D2 does not. When the voltage of A becomes negative, then B becomes +ve. Therefore, D1 does not conduct and D2 conducts. Hence, we obtain output voltage during both the positive as well as negative half of the cycle.  
Input and Output waveforms are shown below. 

Concept: Diode as a Rectifier
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