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Answer the Following Question. Distinguish Between 'Secondary' and 'Tertiary' Sectors. - Social Science

Distinguish Between

Answer the following question.
Distinguish between 'secondary' and 'tertiary' sectors.

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The secondary sector of the economy manufactures finished goods. All of the manufacturing, processing, and construction lies within the secondary sector. Activities associated with the secondary sector include metalworking and smelting, automobile production, textile production, chemical and engineering industries, aerospace manufacturing, energy utilities, engineering, breweries and bottlers, construction, and shipbuilding.

The tertiary sector of the economy is the service industry. This sector provides services to the general population and to businesses. Activities associated with this sector include retail and wholesale sales, transportation and distribution, entertainment (movies, television, radio, music, theater, etc.), restaurants, clerical services, media, tourism, insurance, banking, healthcare, and law.

Concept: Rising Importance of Tertiary Sector
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