Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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Answer the following question. Discuss the importance of corporate finance - Secretarial Practice

Answer in Brief

Answer the following question.

Discuss the importance of corporate finance

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Importance of Corporate Finance:

In the functional management of a business enterprise, importance is given to production, finance, marketing, and personnel activities. Among all these activities, the utmost importance is given to financial activities. The importance of corporate finance may be discussed as follows

1. Helps in decision making: Most of the important decisions of business enterprises are determined on the basis of the availability of funds. It is difficult to perform any function of a business enterprise independently without finance. Every decision in the business is needed to be taken keeping in view of its impact on profitability. There may be a number of alternatives but the management is required to select the best one which will enhance profitability. A business organisation can give a green signal to the project only when it is financially viable. Thus corporate finance plays a significant role in the decision making process.

2. Helps in Raising Capital for a project: Whenever a business firm wants to start a new venture, it needs to raise capital. A business firm can raise funds by issuing shares, debentures, bonds, or even by taking loans from the banks.

3. Helps in Research and Development: Research and Development must be undertaken for the growth and expansion of the business. Detailed technical work is essential for the execution of projects. Research and Development is a lengthy process and therefore funds have to be made available throughout the research work. This would require continuous financial support.

4. Helps in smooth running of business firm: A smooth flow of corporate finance is needed so that salaries of employees are paid on time, loans are cleared on time, the raw material is purchased whenever required, sales promotion of existing products is carried out smoothly and new products can be launched effectively.

5. Brings coordination between various activities: Corporate finance plays a significant role in the control and co-ordination of all activities in an organisation. For e.g. Production will suffer if the finance department does not provide adequate finance for the purchase of raw materials and meeting other day-to-day financial requirements for a smooth running of production unit. Due to this, sales will also suffer and consequently, the income of concern, as well as rate of profit, will be affected. Thus the efficiency of every department depends upon effective financial management.

6. Promotes expansion and diversification: Modern machines and modern techniques are required for expansion and diversification. Corporate finance provides money to purchase modern machines and technologies. Therefore finance becomes mandatory for the expansion and diversification of a company.

7. Managing Risk: Company has to manage several risks, such as sudden fall in sales, loss due to natural calamity, loss due to strikes, etc. The company needs financial aid to manage such risks

8. Replace old assets: Assets such as plant and machinery become old and outdated over the years. They have to be replaced by new assets. Finance is required to purchase new assets.

9. Payment of dividend and interest: Finance is needed to pay a dividend to shareholders, interest to creditors, banks, etc.

10. Payment of taxes/fees: Company has to pay taxes to the Government such as Income Tax, Goods and Service Tax (GST), and fees to the Registrar of Companies on various occasions. Finance is needed for paying taxes and fees.

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Balbharati Secretarial Practice 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1 Introduction To Corporate Finance
Exercise Q.7 | Q 1 | Page 13
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