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Answer the Following Question. Describe the Roles of Heat, Primers, and the Bacterium Thermus Aquaticus in the Process of Pcr. - Biology

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Answer the following question.
Describe the roles of heat, primers, and the bacterium Thermus aquaticus in the process of PCR.

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Role of Heat:  It helps in the denaturation process in PCR. The ds DNA is heated in this process at a very high temperature (95ºC) so that both the strands separates.

Role of primers: Primers are chemically synthesised small oligonucleotides of about 10-18 nucleotides that are complementary to a region of template DNA and helps in the extension of the new chain.

Role of Bacterium Thermus aquaticus: From this bacterium, a thermostable Taq DNA polymerase is isolated which can tolerate high temperatures and forms a new strand.

Concept: Biotechnological Applications in Medicine
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