Answer the Following Question. Describe the Impact of 'Rinderpest' on People'S Livelihoods and the Local Economy in Africa in the 1890s. - Social Science

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Answer the following question.
Describe the impact of 'Rinderpest' on people's livelihoods and the local economy in Africa in the 1890s.



Following are the prime effects of Reinderpest:

  1. Rinderpest killed 90 percent of the cattle.
  2. The loss of cattle destroyed African livelihoods.
  3. It strengthened the colonial government's power and Africans were forced into the labour market which earlier they were reluctant to do due to an abundance of land and livestock.
  4. European colonizers thus conquered and subdued Africa.
Concept: Making of a Global World - Nineteenth Century Global Economy, Colonialism
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