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Answer the Following Question. Describe the Explosive Conditions that Prevailed in Balkans After 1871 in Europe. - Social Science

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Answer in Brief

Answer the following question.
Describe the explosive conditions that prevailed in Balkans after 1871 in Europe.

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Following factors were responsible for making Balkans the most tensed region in Europe in 1871:

  • The Balkans was a region of geographical and ethnic variation comprising modern-day Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro whose inhabitants were broadly known as the Slavs.
  • As the different Slavic nationalities struggled to define their identity and independence, the Balkan area became an area of intense conflict.
  • The Balkan states were fiercely jealous of each other and each hoped to gain more territory at the expense of the others.
  • Matters were further complicated because the Balkans also became the scene of big power rivalry.
Concept: Rise of Nationalism in Europe - Growth of Nationalism in Europe After the 1830s.
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