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Answer the Following Question. Describe Stern Berg’S Triarchic Theory of Intelligence. - Psychology

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Answer the following question.
Describe Stern berg’s Triarchic Theory of Intelligence.

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Theorist-Robert Stern berg.
Triarchic theory – He gave three basic types of intelligence.

  1. Componential or Analytical: The ability to think critically and analytically, people high on this type, scores well on standard academic tests or prove to be excellent students. Example – professors, teachers are high on this one.
  2. Experiential or Creative: Insight and ability to formulate new ideas, people high on this type excel on zeroing in on what information is crucial in a given situation and/or combining seemingly unrelated facts. Examples any inventions like minting coins, printing press.
  3. Contextual or Practical: They have a high adaptive sense or are street smart. They are adaptable at solving problems in everyday life. Example – carrying the baby on the back while doing work.
Concept: Intelligence
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