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Answer the Following Question. "Democracies Lead to Peaceful and Harmonious Life Among Citizens." Justify this Statement. - Social Science

Short Note

Answer the following question.
"Democracies lead to peaceful and harmonious life among citizens." Justify this statement.

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  1. Democracy is a better form of government when compared to other government systems due to many reasons.
  2. They promote equality among citizens and it enhances the dignity of the individuals.
  3. It improves the quality of decision making, and hence, it provides a method to resolve conflicts.
  4. Democratic government is accountable to the citizens and hence responsive to the needs and welfare of citizens.
  5. Democracies conduct free and fair elections and hence, it is evident that democracy leads to peaceful and harmonious life among citizens.

Equal status and treatment is given to all citizens belonging to different caste, communities, etc in India and this is the reason why people belonging to different religions, caste, lead peaceful and harmonious life here

Concept: Concept for Role Ordinary Citizen Play in Deepening Democracy
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