Answer the Following Question. Compare the Situation of Belgium and Sri Lanka Considering Their Location, Size, and Cultural Aspects. - Social Science

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Answer the following question.
Compare the situation of Belgium and Sri Lanka considering their location, size, and cultural aspects.



In Sri Lanka and Belgium, there were ethnic conflicts for power on the basis of the language. The group being numerically larger was in conflict with the group's lesser in number. Both Belgium and Sri Lanka were bothered by the issue of power-sharing. However, Belgium worked out an accommodation principle as compared to Sri Lanka which switched to majoritarianism. Power-sharing took place in different ways in Belgium and Sri Lanka. Belgium opted for a conciliatory mode of power-sharing through respect and representation for different communities and regions. On the other hand, Sri Lanka adopted a confrontational approach where the majority community exerted its dominance over others and refused to share power. The first approach led to stronger unity while the later approach undermined the unity of the country and brought untold catastrophe.

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