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Answer the Following Question. Compare in Any Three Ways the Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance as Proposed by Sutton and Bovery with that of Experimental Results on Pea Plant Presented by Mendel. - Biology

Short Note

Answer the following question.
Compare in any three ways the chromosomal theory of inheritance as proposed by Sutton and Bovery with that of experimental results on pea plant presented by Mendel.

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Gregor Mendel, through his work on pea plants, discovered the fundamental laws of inheritance. He deduced that genes come in pairs and are inherited as distinct units, one from each parent. Mendel tracked the segregation of parental genes and their appearance in the offspring as dominant or recessive traits. He recognized the mathematical patterns of inheritance from one generation to the next.
Mendel did not investigate how characteristics are sorted and combined on the cellular level. Sutton and Boveri, working independently, suggested that chromosomes could be shown to bear the materials of heredity.
They noted that the behaviour of chromosomes was parallel to the behaviour of the gene and used chromosomes movement to explain Mendel's laws.
Sutton and Boveri argued that the pairing and separation of pair of chromosomes would lead to segregation of a pair of factors they carry. Sutton united the knowledge of chromosomal segregation with Mendelian principle and called it " chromosomal theory of inheritance".

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