Answer the Following Question Briefly: with Reference to Sher Shah’S Enlightened Rule, Explain: How Was the Central Government Organized? - History and Civics

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Short Note

Answer the following question briefly:

With reference to Sher Shah’s enlightened rule, explain:
The important features of provincial administration.

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The whole empire was divided into forty-seven provinces or sarkars. Each province was further subdivided into districts or Parganas. Each Paragana was made up of a number of villages. The villages were looked after by the panchayats composed’ of village elders. Each Sarkar was placed under an Afghan chief. In every Pargana there were several officials who were supervised by Shiqdar and Munsif. The Shiqdar was responsible for law, order, and general administration and the Munsif looked after the collection of revenue and civil cases.

Concept: Sher Shah Suri – the Great Administrator
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