Answer the Following Question Briefly: Sher Shah is One of the Most Striking Personalities in Medieval India. in this Context, Briefly State the Important Achievements of His 5-years Reign. - History and Civics

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Answer the following question briefly:

Sher Shah is one of the most striking personalities in medieval India. In this context, briefly state the important achievements of his 5-years reign.

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During his reign, Sher Shah established a vast, powerful and prosperous empire. Some of his achievements are listed below :

  1. In his empire, there was a powerful central government and a sound administrative system.
  2. He created a huge standing army that was disciplined, well organized, and strong.
  3. His revenue system was efficient progressive and humane and he also showed concern for the welfare of the peasants.
  4. During his reign, good roads and rest houses were constructed for travellers and merchants.
  5. New weights and measures were introduced by him.
  6. He also followed a policy of religious tolerance and appointed many Hindus to high posts of trust.
Concept: Sher Shah Suri – the Great Administrator
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