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Answer the Following Question Briefly: How Many Battles Did Babur Have to Fight After the Battle of Panipat? Mention the Significance of His Victory in Each of These Battles. - History and Civics

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Answer the following question briefly:

How many battles did Babur have to fight after the Battle of Panipat? Mention the significance of his victory in each of these battles.

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After the Battle of Panipat Babur fought three more battles.

The significance of each battle are:

  1. Battle of Khanwa: This battle was fought between Babur and Rana Sangha of Mewar at Khanwa. Babur won this battle and this victory gave him supreme control over central India and it also removed all the obstacles in the way of Mughal rule.
  2. Battle of Chanderi: This battle was fought between Babur and Medini Rai of Malwa. Babur won the battle and captured Chanderi. After this battle, no other Rajput chief ever dared to challenge Babur’s authority.
  3. Battle of Ghagra: The Afghans had control over Bihar and Bengal and they posed a threat to Babur’s authority. So Babur had a war with them and after crushing them he became the master of Punjab, Delhi, and the Ganga plains near Bihar.
Concept: The First Battle of Panipat and the Establishment of the Mughal Empire
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