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Answer the following in one or two sentences. Mention two applications of coordination compounds. - Chemistry

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Short Note

Answer the following in one or two sentences.

Mention two applications of coordination compounds.

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Application of coordination compounds are as follows:

i. In biology: Several biologically important natural compounds are metal complexes. They play important role in a number of processes occurring in plants and animals. For example, chlorophyll present in plants is a complex of Mg. Haemoglobin present in the blood is a complex of iron.

ii. In medicines:
a. Pt complex, cisplatin is used in the treatment of cancer.
b. EDTA is used for the treatment of lead poisoning.

iii. To estimate the hardness of water: Hardness of water is due to the presence of Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions. The ligand. EDTA forms stable complexes with Ca2+ and Mg2+. It can, therefore, be used to estimate hardness.

iv. In electroplating: Usually, stable coordination complexes on dissolution dissociate to a small extent and furnish a controlled supply of metal ions. The metal ions when reduced clump together to form the clusters or nanoparticles. When the coordination complexes have used the ligands in the complex keep the metal atoms well separated from each other. These metal atoms tend to form a protective layer on the surface. Certain cyanide complexes K[Ag(CN)2] and K[Au(CN)2] find applications in the electroplating of these noble metals.

Concept: Applications of Coordination Compounds
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