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Answer the Following in Detail What Are the Various Adaptations in Seeds Dispersed by Animals? - Biology

Answer in Brief

Answer the following in detail

What are the various adaptations in seeds dispersed by animals?

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The various adaptation in seeds dispersed by animals are:
1. Some projections like hooks, barbs, spines, bristles, and stiff hair are present on the surface of seeds which get attached to the skin of animals and carried to distant places and hence dispersed.
2. Seeds are embedded in fleshy and edible fruits in some plants that attract animals to eat them.
3. The seed itself can also become an attractive food for animals like squirrels and acoms.

Concept: Concept for Modifications (Tendrils, Spines, Scale Leaves)
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Selina Concise Biology Class 6 ICSE
Chapter 1 The Leaf
Exercises | Q 3
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