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Answer the Following in 200-250 Words : What Are Helen'S Opinions About Examinations? - English - Communicative

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Answer in Brief

Answer the following in 200-250 words :
What are Helen's opinions about examinations?

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In Helen's opinion, written tests and examinations contributed towards a hurried and nervous reading of texts without comprehension of what one is reading. One's brain became encumbered with a plethora of facts and nuggets of information that had little use. Helen observes that her mind was so full of the heterogeneous matter before an exam that she plunged into a state of despair thinking about how to put all of it into order. Helen refers to examinations as the chief bugbears of her college life. This is because she had faced them many times and cast them down, yet they would rise again and take on a menacing shape. This would be until she felt her courage oozing out at her finger-ends. The days before these ordeals took place were spent cramming her mind with mystic formula and indigestible dates. This unpalatable diet would force her to wish that books, science and the student herself were buried in the depths of the sea. The person who thought she was prepared was a favored being in Helen's opinion because examinations always left her perplexed and exasperated. 

Concept: Writing Skill
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