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Answer the Following in 200-250 Words : Describe the Relationship Between Anne and Margot? - English - Communicative

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Answer in Brief

Answer the following in 200-250 words :
Describe the relationship between Anne and Margot?

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Margot and Anne both had become tired of their parents in spite of the fact that they still loved them. They wanted to make their own decisions without being chaperoned by their parents. Their parents were not so strict and let them read everything, but Margot and Anne were sick and tired of having to listen to their comments all day long. The customary ritual of giving them little kisses at all hours of the day was also quite tiresome to these girls, who were almost in the throes of adulthood. The cute nicknames seemed affected. They would have liked nothing better than to get a break from their parents. Margot and Anne did not talk about all this to their parents because they felt that their parents would fail to understand. These young women were growing up with their own set of opinions, ideas, and principles. Therefore, they wanted their parents to acknowledge their maturity and independence of spirit, taking them as young adults rather than children.

Concept: Writing Skill
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