Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 12th Board Exam
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Answer the following in 150 to 200 words: Describe the criteria of Psychological disorders. - Psychology

Answer in Brief

Answer the following in 150 to 200 words:

Describe the criteria of psychological disorders.

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According to the present DSM-5, the five criteria for psychological disorders are:

  1. Clinically significant syndrome: In psychological disorders, there is a certain pattern of behavioural or psychological syndrome observed in an individual.
  2. Distress and Impairment: There is a presence of distress and/or impairment.
  3. Dysfunction: If the symptoms lead to an underlying psychological, biological or developmental dysfunction, it leads to the diagnosis of mental disorder.
  4. The response was given to stressors or losses and culturally relevant behaviour is not considered as a sign of mental disorder: A response that is normally given to common stressors and losses (e.g. sadness due to death of a loved one) or a culturally sanctioned response to a particular event (e.g. trance state in certain religious rituals) should not be considered as signs of mental disorder.
  5. Any behaviour which is deviant but does not produce dysfunction is not considered a sign of mental disorder: If behaviour is only deviant or conflicting with society but does not produce dysfunction or distress or disability, then it does not become a sign of the mental disorder. e.g. in certain societies, homosexuality is considered as abnormal behaviour. However, according to DSM 5, it is not considered as a sign of the disorder.
Concept: Criteria for Psychological Disorders
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Balbharati Psychology 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 6 Psychological Disorders
Exercises | Q Q.5 (1) | Page 77
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