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Answer the Following in 100-200 Words : Time Humbles Even the Greatest of the Great. One Should Cultivate the Quality of Humility. Describe How Time Has Reduced the Mighty Ozymandias to Nothing. - English - Communicative


Answer in Brief

Answer the following in 100-200 words :

Time humbles even the greatest of the great. One should cultivate the quality of humility. Describe how time has reduced the mighty Ozymandias to nothing.


King Ozymandias considered himself to be the king of kings. He ruled over his empire with a firm hand. He fed his subjects and regarded them as inferior. He was arrogant and highly conceited and believed that no one will ever be able to equal his achievements. He was so intoxicated with power that the welfare of his people was never his consideration. He believed himself to be above law and destiny. But now his shattered statue, half-buried in sand, the waste and ruins around prove that the time has leveled his fame and work. The ruins around the statue bear the testimony to the fact that nothing lasts forever. This is the true destiny of man. He is insignificant before the power of time. The poem illustrates the vanity of human greatness. It depicts, that one must command respect and not demand it. One must never misuse power and might. 

Glorious deeds should be committed to getting respect from posterity. The real power lies in winning the hearts and not in, ruling the weak and needy. This describes how time has reduced the mighty Ozymandias to nothing.

Concept: Writing Skill
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