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Answer the Following in 100-200 Words : "Patol Babu, Film Star," by Satyajit Ray Emphasizes the Valuable Contribution of a Mentor in Changing a Negative Mindset into a Positive One. Describe How - English - Communicative


Answer in Brief

Answer the following in 100-200 words :

"Patol Babu, Film Star," by Satyajit Ray emphasizes the valuable contribution of a mentor in changing a negative mindset into a positive one. Describe how Mr. Pakrashi's advice helps Patol Babu in performing his role.


Mr. Prakashi was the mentor and guru of Patol Babu. He always told Patol Babu whatever small part he was offered he should never consider it below his dignity to accept it. As an artist, his aim should be to make the most of the opportunity and squeeze the last drop of the meaning of his lines. When Patol Babu was given only a single dialogue ‘oh’ to utter, he thought of quitting. But when the words of wisdom of his mentor echoed in his ears, he came to terms with the small, role. He did it so well that everyone was all praise for Patal Babu. He did it with commitment and perfection.

Concept: Writing Skill
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