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Answer the following.

Explain the nature of Indian Federation



In India, at the time of independence, there were Princely States and areas under British administration. The States were created after independence on the basis of language i.e., linguistic reorganisation of States. The Union Government created the States. The journey of Indian Federalism has been mixed. After independence, the States had been granted additional powers. However, later economic and technological changes had led to the enhancement of the powers of the Central government. The Indian Federation differs greatly from the US federation. India has been described as a 'quasi-federation' or a 'federation with an unitary spirit' as the division of powers favors the central government for e.g., it has full control over the Union list and Residuary subjects and it's laws have precedence over state legislations even in case of the subjects in Concurrent list.

Concept: Federalism
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Chapter 4: Constitutional Government - Exercise [Page 36]


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Chapter 4 Constitutional Government
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