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Answer the Question.Give the Reasons for Increase in Human Disasters After the World War-ii. - Science and Technology 2

Answer the question.

Give the reasons for increase in human disasters after the World War-II.

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 After World War-II, there has been a vast advancement in technology. This has led to tremendous increase in human disasters. For example, the advancement in nuclear energy field has led to setting up of various nuclear power plants. The radiations via these power plants are affecting the environment as well as living beings. Also, the set up of various oil factories near the seas are affecting aquatic life. After the World War-II, the number in motor vehicles have increased exponentially. Due to this, motor accidents have become very frequent these days. Other reasons of increasing human disasters are oil spills, nuclear meltdown, terrorism, biological warfare, etc. 

Concept: Nature and Scope of Disaster
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