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Answer the Question in Detail.Explain the Close Tie Between Sports and History. - History and Political Science

Answer the question in detail.

Explain the close tie between sports and history.

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Explain the close tie between sports and history.
Points: - one needs to resort to history in order to write articles, reviews about sports events like Olympics
- Expert commentator needs to have good knowledge of History, statistics, previous records, eminent players, historical anecdotes etc. related to concerned game, thus knowledge of History is useful for them.
- Matches of various sports like cricket, football, kabaddi, chess etc. are shown live on television or various channels. The role of professionals who keep track of these telecasts is important.
- Experts on sports, coaches, trainers, are expected to know strong points and flaws of players which can be understood with history.

Concept: Sports and Professional Opportunities
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