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Answer in detail: Explain with examples the process of weathering happening in Konkan. - Geography

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Answer in Brief

Answer in detail:

Explain with examples the process of weathering happening in Konkan.

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  1. Konkan, also known as the Konkan Coast is a rugged, section of the western coastline of India.
  2. The region is divided into North Konkan including Mumbai, Thane and Raigad districts whereas South Konkan include Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts.
  3. Laterite rocks occur in the form of plateaus at Konkan strip. High altitude laterite plateaus are found is Sitara, Kolhapur, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg district.
  4. In the laterite rocks, soft silica matter is present.
  5. Because of high rainfall exposed rocks become empty to wash out of soft silica matter.
  6. Laterite soil is formed by laterite rock in high elevation. The soil contains has a high concentration of ferrous and aluminium. This soil is very stony because of the presence of weathering fragments of iron concentrations. 
  7. Oxygen in the air and water reacts with certain elements in the minerals in the rock. The metals in the rock particularly iron and aluminium oxidise and form iron and aluminium oxides. Thus, chemical weathering takes place.
  8. Laterite soil is found in Mahabaleshwar, Southern parts of Mahabaleshwar, around Bhima Shankar and Matheran. Thus, chemical and mechanical weathering is found.
Concept: Types of Weathering
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Balbharati Geography 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2 Weathering and Mass Wasting
Exercise | Q 7.1 | Page 26
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