Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 11th
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Answer in brief:State the powers of ROC. - Secretarial Practice

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Answer in Brief

Answer in brief:
State the powers of ROC.

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The powers of Registrar of Companies as conferred by the Companies Act, 2013:
(1) To extend the time of holding Annual General Meeting (AGM), other than the first AGM by a _ period not more than 3 months, if request letter is received from the company to extend the time for holding AGM,
(2) The Registrar has the power to inspect or call for books of accounts, other books, and papers. He has the power to ask for additional information necessary for inspection.
(3) He has the power to seek in writing any information or explanation in respect to any document furnished to his office.
(4) The Registrar has the power to seek the Special Court to issue an order for seizure of books and papers of a company if he comes to the conclusion that such records may be destroyed, altered, or falsified.
(5) He has the power to remove the name of the liquidated company from the Register of the Companies.

Concept: Registrar of Companies (ROC)
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Balbharati Secretarial Practice 11th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 12 Correspondence with Statutory Authorities
Exercise Q.3 | Q 1 | Page 185
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