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Answer in brief. State the postulates of Bohr’s atomic model. - Physics

Answer in Brief

Answer in brief.

State the postulates of Bohr’s atomic model.

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The postulates of Bohr's atomic model (for the hydrogen atom):

  1. The electron revolves with a constant speed in a circular orbit around the nucleus. The necessary centripetal force is the Coulomb force of attraction of the positive nuclear charge on the negatively charged electron.
  2. The electron can revolve without radiating energy only in certain orbits, called allowed or stable orbits, in which the angular momentum of the electron is equal to an integral multiple of h/2π, where h is Planck's constant.
  3. Energy is radiated by the electron only when it jumps from one of its orbits to another orbit having lower energy. The energy of the quantum of electromagnetic radiation, i.e., the photon, emitted is equal to the energy difference of the two states.
Concept: Bohr’s Atomic Model
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Balbharati Physics 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 15 Structure of Atoms and Nuclei
Exercises | Q 2.1 | Page 342
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