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Answer in brief. Describe any five points of importance of coordinating. - Organisation of Commerce and Management

Answer in Brief

Answer in brief.

Describe any five points of importance of coordinating.

Attempt the following.

Describe the importance of coordinating.

Answer in brief.

Explain importance of coordinating with any Four Points.

Answer the following.

Explain importance of coordinating.

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Co-ordination refers to the integration and synchronization of the group efforts so as to provide unity of action for organisational goals. Coordination is a hidden force which binds all other functions of management together.

The importance of co-ordinating is as follows:

The need for coordination arises out of the fact that different elements and efforts of an organization are to be harmonized and unified to achieve the common objectives. The importance of coordination can be discussed as follows:

  1. Encourages Team Spirit:
    In organizations, a group of individuals works together. There may be the existence of conflicts, disputes between individuals, departments, and employers, and employees regarding organizational policies, roles, and responsibilities, etc. Coordination arranges the work in such a way that minimum conflicts are raised. It increases the team spirit at the workplace.
  2. Gives Proper Direction:
    Coordination integrates departmental activities for achieving the common goal of the organization.
    The work is arranged in a very systematic way. The interdependence of departments gives proper direction to the employees.
  3. Facilitates Motivation:
    Coordination motivates the employees to take initiative while completing their assigned tasks.
    Effective co-ordination increases efficiency and results in the growth and prosperity of the organization. A prosperous organization ensures job security, higher income, promotion, and incentives. Such monetary and non- monetary incentives provide job security and motivate the employees for hard work.
  4. Optimum Utilization of Resources:
    Managers try to integrate all the resources systematically. It helps in utilizing all available resources at its optimum level. Co-ordination also helps to minimize the wastage of resources and control the cost of work.
  5. Achieve Organizational Objectives:
    Co-ordination leads to minimizing the wastages of materials, idle time of employees, delay in completion of targets, departmental disputes a great extent. It ensures the smooth working of the organization in the process of achieving the objectives of the organization.
  6. Improves Relation:
    Co-ordination develops cordial relations between all the levels of management of an organization. Every department depends on the functioning of other departments. For example, the sales department works according to the production department, the Production department depends on the Purchase department, and so on. Coordination helps the employees to build strong relations among them and achieve the given targets.
  7. Leads to Higher Efficiency:
    With the help of optimum utilization of resources and effective integration of resources, the organization can achieve high returns in terms of high productivity, high profitability as well as can reduce the cost. Thus, coordination leads to higher efficiency.
  8. Improves Goodwill:
    Higher sales and higher profitability can be achieved due to synchronized efforts of organizational people, strong human relations, and lower costs. It directly results in creating goodwill for the organization in the market. It reflects on the market value of shares as well as it helps in building a good image in society.
  9. Unity of Direction:
    Different activities are performed by different departments. Coordination harmonizes these activities for achieving the common goal of the organization. Thus, coordination gives proper direction to all departments of the organization.
  10. Specialization:
    All departments of the organization are headed by experts in their respective fields. The specialized knowledge of these departmental heads helps in managerial decisions. It leads the organization to march towards growth and success in the competitive world of business.
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