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Answer the Following.Which Factors Affect the Social Health? - Science and Technology 2

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Answer the following.
Which factors affect the social health?

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The factors which affect social health are:
Mental stress: The response of our body to a demand or threat is known as stress and it can be both physical and mental. Mental stress is a major contributor to poor social health. Increase in competition in several aspects of life has resulted in increased mental stress. Stressors like best education, better employment, hectic work schedules, nuclear families, loneliness, etc. have added to this menace. 
Addiction: Addiction is a mental condition in which an individual's brain is manifested by compulsive use of harmful substances despite being aware of the fact that those substances are harmful.
Things such as alcohol, drugs and tobacco are addictive substances, frequent use of which results to their addiction. The effect of these substances are long lasting on mental, physical and social health. Continuous use of such substances adversely affects the nervous system, thus impairing the thinking and decision making ability of the individual. It also leads to poor social health which affects the interpersonal relationships and the social status of an individual.
Incurable diseases: Diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis etc. are considered incurable diseases and are considered a deterrent to social health. Apart from being deadly and at times being incurable, there are various kinds of social stigmas associated with these diseases. People who suffer from such diseases are often excluded from the society and forced to live a life of seclusion.

Concept: Social Health
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