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Answer the Following in Your Own Words. - SSC (English Medium) Class 8 - Science

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Answer the following in your own words.

Explain the relation between continuous rains and landslide. Give reasons.


Due to continuous rain in a region,

1. the plants and small tress of that region are uprooted from the soil.

2. the water enters the cracks and fissures present in hard rocks causing their weathering.

Due to these factors, soil and rocks run off on a slopy region. This running of soil, rocks along with other debris is nothing but landslide. Hence, there is a strong relation between continuous rains and landslide.

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 Balbharati Solution for Balbharati Class 8 Science - General Science (2018 to Current)
Chapter 9: Disaster Management
Exercise | Q: 1.1 | Page no. 66
Solution Answer the Following in Your Own Words. Concept: Landslides - Rift Collapse.
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