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Answer the Following Questions in Short. Explain the Concept of Ivf. - Science and Technology 2

Answer the following questions in short. 

Explain the concept of IVF.

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 Many couples all over the world are unable to produce children due to various reasons. These couples can be assisted to have children through techniques called assisted reproductive technologies (ART). IVF is one such form of ART which includes different methods that can be a boon for childless couples:

Surrogacy- This is a technique which is used for women who face problem in implantation of embryo in uterus. In this technique the donor of the oocyte is the women itself who has problem in implanting the embryo in the uterus. The collected oocyte is fertilized with the sperm of her husband in a test tube. The embryo which is obtained after fertilization is implanted in the uterus of another female who is called the surrogate mother.

ZIFT − It stands for zygote intra fallopian transfer. In ZIFT, the sperm from a donor male and the ova from a donor female are fused in the laboratory. The zygote so formed is transferred into the fallopian tube at the 8 blastomeres stage.

IUT − It stands for intra uterine transfer. In this technique, embryos with more than 8 blastomeres are transferred into the uterus.
GIFT − It stands for gamete intra fallopian transfer. In GIFT, females who cannot produce ovum, but can provide suitable conditions for the fertilisation of ovum, are provided with ovum from a donor.
ICSI − It stands for intra cytoplasmic sperm injection. In this method, sperm is directly injected into the cytoplasm of the ovum.
Artificial insemination − In this technique, the semen collected from the husband or a donor is injected into the vagina or uterus. This cures the infertility arising from the inability of the male partner to ejaculate, or due to low sperm c

Concept: Human Reproductive System - Female Reproductive System
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Balbharati Science and Technology Part 2 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 3 Life Processes in Living Organisms Part - 2
Q 4.2 | Page 35
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