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Answer the following question as per instruction:
Speech Writing :
Imagine that your college has organised an 'elocution competition' and the topic of the competition is 'Save Trees, Trees Save'. Prepare a short speech with the help of the points given below :
Providers of human needs, ecological balance, rain showers, etc.



     Good morning everyone. A very welcome to one and all present here. Today on the occasion of World Environment Day, I would like to share my thoughts about the importance of saving trees.     
       Trees are a great part of our planet. Humans & other life cannot survive on this planet without trees. They are a valuable gift of nature to us. Hence, we should honour the presence of trees. It has been for a long time that people have understood the importance of trees. Our country is the pioneer of the idea. 
        As it is always said that whatever we do to our nature they always repay us. The same way trees repay us. Trees give us a lot of benefits. Right from food, wood, houses, furniture, etc .... trees provide us with many useful things. They give us fuel to burn, fruits to eat, spices & also many beneficial medicines. They also provide us with oxygen that quite essential for we humans. They help in reducing pollution & they are food for animals in the environment.
        Now-a-days, we have promoted deforestation to a great extent nature than encouraging afforestation. Due to which there are a lot of problems & consequences that are being faced by all the living & non-living things in nature. Global warming has increased for our future generations. Hence, it is an alarming time for all of us to realise & understand the importance of trees & saving our environment. Each & every citizen should feel responsible for this & take a certain initiative in several ways to promote & be a part of this cause "Save Trees, Trees save".
Thank you for your valuable time & patience.

Concept: Speech Writing
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