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Answer the Following Question. Why is It Necessary to Safely Store the Pathogens of a Disease Against Which Vaccines Are to Be Produced? - Science and Technology

Short Note

Answer the following question.

Why is it necessary to safely store the pathogens of a disease against which vaccines are to be produced? 

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Vaccines are dead/weakened microorganisms which provide immunity against diseases by inducing immune response of the body. Since, these microorganisms are dead/weakened, they lose their disease causing abilities and thus pose no harm. However, if these microorganisms are not stored properly and if they are in their infective stage, they can result in widespread of the disease. 

Concept: Antibiotics
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Balbharati Science and Technology 9th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 8 Useful and Harmful Microbes
Exercise | Q 7.5 | Page 95
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