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Answer the Following Question. What Are the Causes for the Uneven Distribution of Population in the World? - Social Science

Short Note

Answer the following question.
What are the causes for the uneven distribution of population in the world?

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The distribution of population in the world is uneven some areas are very crowded while some are sparsely populated. Geographical, social, cultural and economic factors affect the distribution of population. The flatness of land, moderate climatic conditions, fertility of soil, availability of fresh water, presence of mineral deposits are the geographical factors that affect the population distribution.

The presence of good housing, educational and health facilities; proximity to centres of religious or cultural significance, and the presence of employment opportunities are some of the socio-economic factors that influence how different regions are populated.

Concept: Distribution of Population
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NCERT Class 8 Social Science Geography - Resources and Development
Chapter 6 Human Resources
Exercise | Q 1.2 | Page 74
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