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Answer the Following Question. State the Scientific and Eco-friendly Methods of Waste Management. - Science and Technology

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Answer the following question.

State the scientific and eco-friendly methods of waste management.

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The scientific and eco-friendly methods of waste management are:

Incineration: Incineration is a process of solid waste disposal in which the waste is burned at very high temperatures, resulting in reduction of weight and volume of the waste, and decrease in toxicity of hazardous components of the wastes. It is a prefered method for disposal of biomedical waste. 

Landfill sites: Industrial solid waste can be disposed off in an eco-friendly manner in lanfills. Landfill are basically large dug outs which are used to dump the wastes. These landfill areas can then be converted into a playground or a park, once the site is full.

Pyrolysis: It is a method for the solid waste management. It is the chemical decomposition of solid waste by heat under high pressure and the end products of pyrolysis are used to produce steam and electricity.

Composting: It is a method which is used for management of organic wastes. It is a process in which organic waste material is decomposed in pits to release nutrients.

Vermicomposting: The process of making compost from kitchen garbage using earthworms is called vermicomposting.
Concept: Need for Solid Waste Management
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Balbharati Science and Technology 9th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 9 Environmental Management
Exercise | Q 3.2 | Page 107
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