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Answer the Following Question in Not More than 100 − 150 Words.How Does the Author Describe Kathmandu’S Busiest Streets? - English - Language and Literature

Answer the following question in not more than 100 − 150 words.

How does the author describe Kathmandu’s busiest streets?

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Along Kathmandu’s narrowest and busiest streets, there are small shrines and flower-adorned deities. Apart from these, there are fruit sellers, flute sellers, hawkers of postcards, shops selling Western cosmetics, film rolls, chocolate, those selling copper utensils and Nepalese antiques. The author hears film songs that were blaring out from the radios, sounds of car horns and bicycle bells, vendors shouting out their wares. He says that stray cows roam about on the roads. He also draws a vivid picture of a flute seller with many bansuris protruding from his pole. He describes how the serene music produced by the flute seller is heard clearly above all the other noise.

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NCERT Beehive for Class 9 English
Chapter 10.1 Kathmandu
Q 3.2 | Page 132
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