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Answer the Following Question Briefly. What Are Jet Streams and How Do They Affect the Climate of India? - Social Science

Answer in Brief

Answer the following question briefly.
What are jet streams and how do they affect the climate of India?

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Jet streams are a narrow belt of high-altitude winds in the troposphere. The sub-tropical westerly jet stream blowing south of the Himalayas are responsible for the western cyclonic disturbances experienced in the north and north-western parts of the country during the winter months. The sub-tropical easterly jet stream blowing over peninsular India is responsible for the tropical cyclones that affect the eastern coastal regions of India during the monsoon as well as during the October to November period.

Concept: Climatic Controls
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NCERT Class 9 Social Science Geography Contemporary India 1
Chapter 4 Climate
Exercise | Q 2.5 | Page 39
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