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Answer the Following Question Briefly. "Ali Displays Qualities of Love and Patience". Give Evidence from the Story to Support the Statement. - English Core

Answer in Brief

Answer the following question briefly.
 "Ali displays qualities of love and patience". Give evidence from the story to
support the statement.

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Undoubtedly, Ali displays wonderful qualities of love and patience. The title of the story itself speaks volumes of his boundless love for his daughter Miriam and his great patience which he shows for obtaining her letter. As the day dawns, he takes his way to the Post Office and sits on the bench in the corner and waits for hours together for the dark to call out his name for getting the letter of his daughter. It has been his daily routine. That fateful day has never appeared when he can receive a letter from Miriam. But this situational truth has neither diminished his love for his daughter nor his patience which he shows in waiting for the letter.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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