Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 8th Standard
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Answer the Following Question in Brief. How Do You Find the Contribution of Shirishkumar to Be Inspirational ? - History and Civics

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Answer in Brief

Answer the following question in brief.

How do you find the contribution of Shirishkumar to be inspirational ?

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Shirishkumar Mehta was an Indian Revolutionary and a freedom fighter. When Gandhiji had launched his Quit India Movement in 1942, he supported it. He was also a part of the leading procession in Nandurbar. The police have launched a Lathi charge on the protesters as soon as the procession reached near them. Shirish Kumar has the Indian National Flag. The police opened fire at them when the Lathi charge could not work in their favour. One of the policemen pointed his gun towards a group of girls a, when he said 'If you want to fire, then shoot me'. The police officer fired 3 bullets at him which pierced his chest, and he died. He gave a very important message through his life that it is very important to have courage and commitment. Not only the leader who can win the war but the team together.

Concept: Last Phase of Struggle for Independence
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Balbharati History and Civics 8th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1.09 Last Phase of Struggle for Independence
Exercise | Q 1 | Page 44
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