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Answer the Following Question in 120-150 Words :Describe the Circumstances Which Keep the Workers in the Bangle Industry in Poverty. - English Core

Answer the following question in 120-150 words :
Describe the circumstances which keep the workers in the bangle industry in poverty.

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Every family in Firozabad was engaged in the task of making bangles. It was the centre of India’s glass-blowing industry, where families had spent generations working around furnaces, welding glass and making bangles for apparently all the women in the country. The circumstances that kept them in this trade were the vicious circle of middlemen who would interfere if the young men tried to form a cooperative. Moreover, these youngsters would be hauled up by the police, beaten and dragged to jail for doing something illegal while it was the middlemen who performed such practices. There was no leader among them who could help them see things differently. Their fathers were as tired as they and continued to sink in the mire of an endless spiral of poverty, apathy, greed and injustice. The bangle sellers’ families were caught in a web of poverty, burdened by the stigma of the caste into which they were born and simultaneously suffered under the oppressive regime of a vicious circle of sahukars, middlemen, policemen, bureaucrats and politicians. Together they imposed a baggage on the children born into such families from which they could not free themselves.

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