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Answer the Following - SSC (English Medium) Class 8 - Science

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Answer the following

What are use of Noble metals. ?


Uses of Noble metals are:

Uses of Silver : It is a shiny, heavy metal, and the best conductor of electricity.

1. It is used for making silver ornaments and expensive utensils such as glasses, mugs, etc.

2. It is used for making coins.

3. Salts of silver like silver chloride are used for making photographic films.

4. Silver foils are used for decorating sweets.

5. Silver is also used for making mirrors using a process called sputtering.

Uses of gold : Gold is bright yellow and a highly malleable and ductile metal.

1. Gold is used as the index of wealth. The countries which have more gold reserve are considered to be wealthy.

2. It is used for making ornaments.

3. It is used for making high-value coins and medals.

4. It is used for covering the mainframe of artificial satellites.

Uses of platinum : Platinum is silvery white, a highly malleable and ductile metal.

1. It is used for making ornaments and watches.

2. It is used as a catalyst in the manufacture of sulphuric acid and nitric acid.

3. It is used in platinum catalytic converters.

4. It is also used in chemical laboratories.

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 Balbharati Solution for Balbharati Class 8 Science - General Science (2018 to Current)
Chapter 7: Metals and Nonmetals
Exercise | Q: 4.4 | Page no. 53
Solution Answer the Following Concept: Nobel Metal.
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