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Answer the Following: - SSC (English Medium) Class 8 - Science

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Answer the following:
What are the effects of icreased population on ecosystem?


The population is increasing at an alarming rate and our natural resources are being used even at a faster rate. Increasing population has also lead to various devastating effects on our ecosystem as well. Increasing population has resulted in various problems like:

  • Deforestation- Cutting down of trees for making space for more houses and other products has resulted in the decrease in the forest cover.
  • Generation of waste- Increased population has resulted in the increased dumping of wastes by humans on earth. This waste has led to various types of pollution as most of it contains non biodegradable substances.
  • Land degradation- Excessive use of fertilisers, pesticides and intensive farming has led to over exploitation of natural resources like land and water.
  • Loss of biodiversity- Excessive minning, hunting of animals and cutting of trees has resulted in the loss of biodiversity of various regions. It has caused many animals and plants to become extinct.
  • Industrialisation- More and more industries are being set up for which large areas of land are being cleared out and they are also one of the major sources of pollution.
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Solution Answer the Following: Concept: Diminishment of Ecosystem Due to Human Interference :.
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