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Answer the Following in About 100‒125 Words. Has Sophie Met Danny Casey? What Details of Her Meeting with Danny Casey Did She Narrate to Her Brother? - English Core

Answer the following in about 100125 words.

Has Sophie met Danny Casey? What details of her meeting with Danny Casey did she narrate to her brother?

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No, Sophie has not met Danny Casey in reality.

One day, in an attempt to gain Geoff's attention, Sophie narrates a cooked-up story about accidentally meeting Danny Casey at the Royce’s. Geoff, however, refuses to believe her. So, she describes Danny Casey's physical appearance to make her brother believe her story. She tells Geoff that she was also willing to get an autograph for little Derek, but she did not have a pen or a paper for the same. Then, Sophie claims that the two of them talked about the clothes at Royce’s. She ends her story by saying that Danny has promised to meet her again.
Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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