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Answer the Following in 30-40 Words Each: (A) Why Do You Think the Booking Clerk Refused to Accept the Money? Why Did the Narrator Get Out So Fast? (B) Why Could the Russian Research Vessel, ‘The Akademik Shokaskiy’ Not Move Any Further? What Did the Captain Decide Then? - English Core

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Answer the following in 30-40 words each:

(a) Why do you think the booking clerk refused to accept the money? Why did the narrator get out so fast?

(b) Why could the Russian research vessel, ‘The Akademik Shokaskiy’ not move any further? What did the captain decide then?

(c) What sort of hunts did the Maharaja offer to organize for the high-ranking British officer? What trait of the officer does it reveal?

(d) What did Jo want the wizard to do when Mommy Skunk approached him?

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(a) The clerk refused to accept the money as it was from a different time; in 1894, the currency used was different from that used now. Therefore, he thought that Charley was duping him with fake currency notes. Realising this, Charley got out of the place fast as he did not want to be jailed.

(b) The Russian vessel, 'The Akademik Shokaskiy' could not move any further as it was wedged in ice between the peninsula and the Tadpole Island. Due to this, the captain decided to head back north. However, the students were instructed to climb down and walk on the ocean.

(c) The Maharaja offered to organise a boar hunt, a mouse hunt or a mosquito hunt for the high-ranking British officer. This reveals that the officer did not have much respect in the eyes of the Maharaja.

(d) Jo was not happy with the ending of the story. She wanted the wizard to hit the Mommy Skunk with the magic wand and chop her plump arms forcefully, “right over the head”.

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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