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Answer the Following In 120-150 Words:Giving a Bribe is an Evil Practice. How Did the Tiger King Bribe the British Officer to Save His Kingdom ? How Do You View this Act of His ? - English Core

Answer the following in 120-150 words:
Giving a bribe is an evil practice. How did the Tiger King bribe the British officer to save his kingdom ? How do you view this act of his ?

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The Tiger King dispatched a telegram to a famous British company of jewellers in Calcutta to send samples of expensive diamond rings of different designs. Some fifty rings arrived and the king sent the entire lot to the British officer’s wife. The king and his minister had expected that the duraisani would choose one or two rings and send the rest back. However, it turned out that the duraisani had kept the entire lot and replied with a thank you note for the gifts. In two days, a bill for three lakh rupees came from the British jewellers, which the Maharaja was happy to pay because he had managed to retain his kingdom. This act of the king sheds light on the deplorable practice of bribery that perpetuates the vicious cycle of corruption, especially considering the fact that the king had personal interests to protect rather than the welfare of his kingdom.

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