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Answer the Following In 120-150 Words: Dr. Sadao Was a Patriotic Japanese as Well as a Dedicated Surgeon. How Could He Honour Both the Values ? - English Core

Answer the following in 120-150 words: 

Dr. Sadao was a patriotic Japanese as well as a dedicated surgeon. How could he honour both the values ? 

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Dr Sadao Hoki was not only a trained surgeon but also a fervent patriot who dedicated himself to the cause of serving his country in wartime through scientific research. However, the dilemma that Sadao faced in lieu of the arrival of the wounded enemy soldier on his doorstep was a clash between his duties as a doctor and that of a citizen of a particular nation. Sadao remarked that if the man had been whole and uninjured, then he would not have faced any difficulty in turning him over to the police. However, the fact that he was wounded complicated this issue because as a doctor, Sadao had taken the oath to put his professional duties first and serve mankind as a whole, without any discrimination on the basis of nationality. But he was able to protect his patriotism by informing the General about the matter. In this way, he balanced both of his values by tending the soldier and helping him escape at the end, while having informed the General about his presence.

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