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Answer the Following in 120-150 Words :Describe the Ironical Situation in Which Silas Marner Had to Leave Lantern Yard. - English Core

Answer the following in 120-150 words :

Describe the ironical situation in which Silas Marner had to leave Lantern Yard.

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Lantern Yard was a place where Silas Marner had lived a successful life. He worked as a weaver and was betrothed to a young servant-woman, Sarah. He had a social life and also a best friend named William Dane. However, it was in this cheerful place of Lantern Yard that Silas became the victim of an evil plot hatched by his best friend William Dane, whom Silas hardly ever found any reason to suspect. William had gradually developed an intimacy with Sarah. It was William who had secretly used Silas’ pocket-knife to accuse him of stealing the dead senior deacon’s church bag. Honest Silas asked the minister to get his house checked. Cunning William pretended to find the church bag tucked behind a chest of drawers in Silas’ house. Silas was thus, proven guilty. It was ironical that the place where Silas used to be most happy, was also the place which he had to leave in unpleasant circumstances.

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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