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Answer Each of These Questions in About Fifty Words: What Do You Understand by Venture Capital? - Entrepreneurship

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Answer each of these questions in about fifty words:

What do you understand by venture capital?

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  1. Venture capital is a type of private equity capital provided as seed funding to early-stage.
  2. The investors provide funds to give shape to their ideas.
  3. It aims at avoiding death of an enterprise even before they could be tried.
  4. This investment enables the investors to accomplish objectives, in return for minority shareholding in the business or the irrevocable right to acquire.
  5.  It is more accurate to view venture capital broadly as a professionally managed pool of equity capital.
  6.  It is a way by which investors support entrepreneurial talent with finance and business skills for obtaining long-term capital gains.
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CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Textbook
Chapter 6 Resource Mobilization
Section D: SEBI & Others | Q 2.4 | Page 248
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