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Answer Briefly the Following Questions: State Any Two Differences Between Training and Development. - Business Studies

Distinguish Between

Answer briefly the following questions:

State any two differences between training and development.

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Solution 1

Training Development
(i) Training is a short term process. (i) Development is a long term process. 
(ii) Focus on present or immediate needs. (ii) Focus on future role.
(iii)It is aimed at a specific task or job role. (iii) It is aimed at developing relationships, often for the purpose of improving leadership skills. 

Solution 2

Training and development are two different processes but inter-linked with each other. Training is a short-term process consisting of an event but development indicates the gradual and long-term process relevant to the growth of personality and maturity regarding their potential capabilities. The scope of training is limited to a specific job, development serves the purpose of general knowledge and covers large areas. Generally, the characteristics such as to improve productivity, quality of service organizational climate, health and safety are included in training purposes. The extension in capabilities, job performance and personal growth with the passage of time are the main objectives of development.

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