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Answer Briefly the Following Question : Mention Any Two Determinants of Status According to Malinowski. - Sociology

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Answer in Brief

Answer briefly the following question :

Mention any two determinants of status according to Malinowski.

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Malinowski and Lowie have pointed out four different things as determinants for the status of women in tribal societies :

Actual treatment: What sort of treatment is given to women is a key factor in determining their status. Are they sufficiently cared for? Are they given the opportunity to realize their potentials? Do they share feelings and likings with their male counterparts? These are some of the questions that need to be considered in determining their actual status.

Legal status: Legal status refers to acceptable roles’ that are considered fit for women. For example, Toda women are not allowed to take part in dairy activities though dairy is the principal source of economy for them. At the same time, they are pampered and cared for by the male members. Hence, though their legal status is low, their social status can hardly be considered below.

Opportunity for social participation: It refers to the scope of opportunity that women are given to participate in household activities and religious rituals.

Character and extent of work: It refers to the types of work women are subjected to in the family and society, and to what extent such works are valued.
They felt that these are to be considered while examining the status of the women in tribal society.

Concept: Theories of Religion
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